Save Me Save We provides a supportive community for Mental Health Advocates and Survivors around the world.
We operate and pride ourselves on Quality Service, Education, and Social Responsibility.

We wish to improve mental health literacy 
in all age groups because we truly believe 
humanizing mental health is the remedy to the stigma.


With your help, our mission is to fight for the right of every human
to receive and access superior mental health services
that is affordable and immediate.
 Together we can strive to inspire struggling communities by offering
mutual support and creating a lasting impact.


Save Me Save We will be making quarterly donations.
Every three months we will chose an organization who promotes
personal well-being, mental health awareness and that is active in the youth community. 
1.50$ of every sale will be donated, and the total amount will be revealed to our subscribers. 

We would love to hear and consider your favorite organization,
send us an email!


Save Me Save We was founded in April of 2018 by Junior Moaku in his fourth year as a student-athlete at Acadia University. Junior noticed several of his teammates and classmates struggling with mental health concerns and recognized that their copping mechanism were destructive rather than empowering. However, the stigma around mental health created a barrier of communication and discouraged his peers to disclose their poor mental health.

Junior then envisaged a network of non-verbal advocates,
he came with the name Save Me Save We and established a logo showing a brain inside a heart that is easily identifiable and represents mental well-being.
In September of 2018, He started wearing and selling shirts with the words "Save Me" as a desperate effort to start the conversation.
Overwhelmed by the positive responses and support, Junior decided to dedicated the next 5 months learning about mental health and mental illnesses to create educational content.

Junior Moaku Save Me Save We Beach Hoodie Junior Moaku Save Me Save We Beach Hoodie

Today, Save Me Save We sells a variety of clothing items with a percentage of every sale donated, supporting local, non-for-profits or mental health agencies in Nova Scotia. Junior has started working on increasing communities mental health literacy through an evidence-based workshop called Thrive In Peace, Not In Pieces offered to high schools and university students. He also created Outloud, a heartfelt web series of several individuals discussing their quality of life since being impacted with a mental illness.