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Home But Not Alone

Home But Not Alone is Save Me Save We's latest project!

HBNA is a series of recorded interviews  with numerous individuals who thrive in their professional field. In every episode we talk about their personal life, their personal & professional development and most importantly their mental health.

These episodes are recorded with the intentions to share the tips and tricks of these individuals and discuss how they are managing self-isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are hoping that their lived experiences and expertise will inspire and help others through these tough times!

So join us and learn from these professionals and social media influencers, as they honestly as we discuss personal but relatable topics!

We are Home, But Not Alone!

Podcasts Link: https://anchor.fm/savemesavewe


Ep.4:  Jojo Mason (Country Artist)

In this episode we are chatting with the one and only Jojo Mason! He is one of Canada's newest and most successful country artist with multiple records reaching the top 10! Join us and learn more about his experience in the music industry, his struggle with mental health and his overcoming. We discuss self care routines, favourite movies, songs importance of family and more all while being self isolating.

 Follow JoJo on social media and visit his website: https://www.jojomasonmusic.com/


Ep.3:  Why Officers Should Require
A 4 Year Policing Degree

In this episode we sit down with Sehkahnee Reynolds, founder of Boyz 2 Men Mentoring and Michael Clemons, host of Drive & Kick Podcast and we debate an unpopular concept; whether or not police officers should require a 4 year policing degree before being admitted to a police academy. 


This episode focuses on the following things:

  • Our personal experience with police officers
  • The current requirements to be admitted into a police academy 
  • Why a SPECIFIC, CURATED, and Rigorous policing degree should be a requirements in law enforcement positions.
  • The benefits and potential outcomes of a 4 year policing degree.

Ep.2:  Megan Neaves
(White Privileges & Systematic Racism)

In this episode we will focus on Systemic Racism and White Privilege with Megan Neaves. 
Megan Neaves is the Executive Director of Impowered Community Engagement & Consulting, an organization that aims to empower people to break the cycles of systemic racism in Nova Scotia.

Megan is also a jr. high teacher with the Halifax Regional Centre of Education. This fall she will begin a Masters in Educational Foundations specializing in Anti-Racist Education.

In 2018 Megan developed a unit called “Empowering Changes” that aims to teach students how to recognize white privilege and how to use their privilege to create change.

This episode focuses on the following things:

  • Systematic racism in Canada and Nova Scotia
  • Recognizing White Privileges - History of racism in Nova Scotia 
  • Discrepancies in the educational system 
  • How to support and educate yourself moving forward

Megan provides workshops and presentations on White Privilege and Systemic Racism for Impowered Community Engagement & Consulting. For any inquiries email her at Impowered@meganneaves.ca


Ep.1:  Kate Walker (CTV Reporter)

In this episode we are chatting with Kate Walker!
She is a well decorated individual in the entertainment industry. She has experience in acting, as a radio show host and she's currently a news reporter for CTV News Atlantic!

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