Save Me Save We truly believes humanizing mental health is the cure to the stigma. That is why we are on a mission to increase communities mental health literacy and mental health awareness. 

Through engaging evidence-based presentations, compelling stories of survival and resilience, through countless community events and devoted personal development blogs; Save Me Save We is striving towards shedding light on mental health!



The word mental health is loosely expressed every day by countless individuals, but very few truly comprehend the complexity of the vast subject. Due to the lack of knowledge, mental health has been highly overlooked and neglected in crucial parts of our lives. Mental Health is the welfare of an individual’s emotions, psychological and social well-being. It is a continuum, the way we respond to daily stresses and circumstances impact whether we move closer to being mentally healthy or mentally ill.

Mental Health has three main contributing factors:

  • family history (history of mental health problems)
  • life experiences (trauma or abuse) 
  • biological factors (genes and brain chemistry).

 Poor mental health can lead to low motivation, low self-esteem, lack of interest in socializing and sudden mood changes. In order for an individual to thrive in their work and social life they require strong and stable emotions and also the skill to manage their responses to those daily stresses. Mentally healthy, an individual is more capable to work productively, cope with pressure and stressful events, maintain strong interpersonal relationships and make positive progress towards reaching their full potential.

- Junior M

"Benefits of Good Mental Health"
“What Is Mental Health”

Mental Hygiene


Mental illnesses are similar to physical illnesses, if both go untreated; both can lead to permanent damages. Just like our physical fitness routines helps us keep our bodies stay healthy and strong, mental fitness help us achieve and sustain a state of good mental health. Without being mentally healthy the human mind is hindered and cannot realize its full potential.

"Benefits of Good Mental Health"