Resident Assistant Training

University Resident assistant training Canada mental health and wellness workshop

"It's time we support young leaders in
a job with high psychological demands
 - Junior Moaku


Save Me Save We's Resident Assistant Training is a one of a kind workshop specifically 
designed to empower and support resident assistants!
While other workshops focus on providing resources to resident assistants to support
the mental health of their residents. Save Me Save We's training is
centered around resident assistants
We focus on empowering RA's with the appropriate tools to support themselves, their
fellow colleagues and also the students in their halls.
Topics covered include:
  • Mental Health Literacy
    • Understanding Mental Health
    • Self-Care/Wellness Routine/ Self-Empowerment
    • Person-Centered Mental Health
  • Peer Supporting
    • Decreasing Stigma
    • Vulnerability 
    • Save Me Save We
  • Person-Centered Communication
    • Social Inclusion
    • Recognizing Destructive Behaviour
    • Tool Box of Local Services/Resources

Benefits of Resident Assistant Training:

🤍 Enhances job performance and overall productivity

🤍 Increases retention of RA's

🤍 Increases job satisfaction

🤍 Increases mental health support available in residents

🤍 Develops a reliable community of support amongst RA's

🤍 RA's receive ongoing support from SMSW's Team


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